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  Cherish time

  Common saying well said:"One inch time is one inch gold and the inch gold be difficult to buy inch time."Quite good, the person live in in this world just short several decades just, everyone all want to seize every minute and second in any time, the host, who be time, let time be you of assistant.

  You is time of host will good make use of time, go to arrangement time, do some meaningful of matter.For example we still the primary school living, if someone ask:"The primary school living most the affair of importance is stem what "Your affirmation will without thinking say:"Certainly is a study."So Be our primary school to living is most should cherish time of, we can”t play a computer`watch a television regard as oneself of fun, study some great man which love to study, regard as them oneself of model, effort study, sprint forward.Be like many child”s ising because of the hour Hou doesn”t make great effort, whole day think bubble in the computer room, get to the Internet to play games, result Not only neglected studies, and oneself of eyes also height near sight, became 1 have no useful person.

  Take me to say, I past pair of study be the mission do, think want ~only the completion teacher”s homework line, although oneself very happiness, but in the final, tested 17, peacetime don”t make great effort, arrive examination temporary whet knife the useless.Time will not turn head of, must make use of good now of the penny be 1 and otherwise arrive key of time"the eldest brother Tu be regretful".

  "The time is four arrowses, the years be like shuttle" primary school short six years, a wink of time will past, I hope everyone academic association cherish time, be still that old words, hope everyone do time of dominate, academic association make use of time, seize every minute and second.



  你是时间的主人就要好好去利用时间,去安排时间,要做一些有意义的事。比如我们还是小学生,如果有人问:"小学生最重要的事情是干什么?"你肯定会不假思索地说:"当然是学习啦。"所以作为我们小学生是最该珍惜时间的了,我们不能只把玩电脑`看电视当作自己的乐趣,要学习一些爱读书的伟人 ,把他们当作自己的榜样,努力学习,向前冲刺。像许多小孩子就是因为小时侯不努力,整天只想着泡在电脑室里,上网玩游戏,结果呢?不仅荒废了学业,而且自己的眼睛也高度近视,成为了一个没有用的人。




  There are three people in my family. They’re father, mother and I.

  My mother is a Chinese teacher. She is not tall, nor short, just right. She is fat. She likes to eat noodles and vegetables. Her favorite colors are brown and red. She doesn’t like animals. She lets me to learn playing piano. I love her because she is nice and hard-working. She cares for me a lot. She is take cares of grandparents. Sometime my father and my mother fight each other.

  My father is a manger. He is thirty-six years old. He is fat and tall. He is good at maths and physics. He cares for me much. Sometimes he buys me stationary. I like my dad.

  Now it’s my turn. My name is Tina. I’m eleven years old. I’m not thin, nor fat, just right. I’m tall. I go to Simon English School. I’m in grade four class one. I like to eat french-fries and some friends but I don’t like meat. I can paint. My best friends are Lily and Helen. My favorite colors are black, white, yellow and blue.


  In our daily life, we have to come into contact with people in every walk of life.therefore, it is very important for us to know how to get along with other people. to get well along with others and win their friendships, we must observe strictly the following words.

  To begin with, we need to be honest with others and shouh{ always say what we mean. lies will surely make people stay far away from us in the long run. after all,honesty is the best policy. second, we have to be humble enough. if we are proud in public, we can hardly win other”s respect, not to mention "friendship"

  Finally, we must not be selfish. we should learn how to show concern for others.

  As long as we abide by what is mentioned above, we will find it easy to get along well with others.


  A Talkative Parrot

  A lady worked in a company.There were a lot of shops on her way to work.One morning,when she was walking to work,she passed by a new pet shop.She was so excited when she saw a parrot sitting beside the door.She really loved birds.  When she stopped to look at the handsome bird,it en211 to her,"Hey,lady,you are really ugly."

  This made the lady very angry.She quickly left the shop and went to work.On her way home,she passed the same pet shop again.This time the parrot saw her again,it said immediately:"Hey lady,you are really ugly!"

  The lady tried to control herself.She walked to the shopkeeper and told him that if the parrot said it again,she would have the police come and take it away."I”m so sorry,madam.I promise it won”t happen again," the shopkeeper said.

  The next morning,when the lady walked past the pet shop,she pretended that she didn’t see it.But the parrot saw her at once and said to her quickly,"Hey lady."

  She stopped and looked at the bird coldly."Yes " she answered in an angry voice.  The bird,sitting up straight and smiling at her,said,"You know.


  People all over the world today are beginning to hear and learn more and more about the problem of pollution. Pollution is caused either by man’s release of completely new andoften artificial substances into the environment, or by releasing greatly increase damounts of a natural substance, such as oil from oil tankers into the sea.

  The whole industrial process which makes many of the goods and machines we need and use in our daily lives,is bound to create a number of waste products which upset the environmental balance, or the ecological balance as it is also known. Many of these waste products can be prevented or disposed of sensibly, but clearly while more and more new and complex goods are produced there will be new, dangerous wastes tobe disposed of, for example, the waste products from nuclear power stations.Many people, therefore, see pollution as only part of a larger and more complex problem, that is, the whole process of industrial production and consumption ofgoods.

  Others again see the problem mainly inconnection with agriculture, where new methods are helping farmers grow more and more on their land to feed our ever-increasing populations. However, the land itself if gradually becoming worn out as it is being used, in some cases,too heavily, and artificial fertilizers cannot restore the balance.

  Whatever its underlying reasons, there is no doubt that much of the pollution caused could becontrolled if only companies, individuals and governments would make more efforts. In the home there is an obvious need to control litter and waste. Foodcomes wrapped up three or four times in packages that all have to be disposedof; drinks are increasingly sold in bottles or tins which cannot be reused.This not only causes a litter problem, but also is a great waste of resources,in terms of glass, metals and paper. Advertising has helped this process by persuading many of us not only to buy things we neither want nor need, but also to throw away much of what we buy.

  Pollution and waste combine tobe a problem everyone can help to solve by cutting out unnecessary buying,excess consumption and careless disposal of the products we use in our daily lives.


  My Dream

  Concern with grades,and then better grades,in order to have a better life in the future,everyone studies hard.Iwant to be a teacher after my graduation.As a student,I should try my best to workas busy as bee.

  More people are working ever than before inchina.In the cities the traditional leisurely. In the cities,the traditional leisurely midday meals is disappearing.Officers,shops,and factories are discovering the greater efficiency of a short lunch hour in company lunchrooms.In almost all lines of work emphasis now falls on ever-increasing out put.Thus now the graduated students need produce more,earn more and buy more consumer goods than our counter part of only generation ago.So our students should work hard in shool and learn as much as we can.

  I want to be a teacher ,then own a shop for flower.There are many reasons.Mr.Li ,my teacher,he had a great influence onme.He is a funny looking man with a cheerful face,good-natured and a great talker.As one of his student,I think he is the best and most just and wisest man.I have learned a lot from him.For example,He taught us students how to deal with the relationship with others.He once said,"To err is human."Everyone may make a lot of mistakes,we should learn how to get experiences from the errors and correct the mistakes.He said it is not frightfully if you don‘t have a greatdream now.Our life consists of many stages.We met different people and things in every stage,we should try to do as more as we can so that we would not be repentful of our life in our future.

  I remembered that in my childhood,I want to be a scientist.Why Because many of my classmates want to do so,now I think it is funny.After my elementary school,I went high school,then met Mr.li. At that time,I want to be a teacher.In my view,it is almost because of Mr.Li’s work.I think it’s a worthy thing to teach a student how to learn and witness their growing.Now in the university,I want to be a teacher because I’m an English major.I learned how to teach a student. Also I think university is an important stage in my life.I meet many people here,every kind ;and make a lot of friends.We help from each other and learn from each other.The teachers here are knowledgeable.As a concequence of agood teacher,we should enrich ourselves.

  After my graduation,I will try to be a teacher and then run a green house.Because I like flowers and like planting flowers.I think flowers are great.They are elegant、silent、graceful.Dreams are beautiful and shadowy.Whenwe are looking at beautiful things,we will be in a good mood.

  In a word,my greatest dream is running a green house and being a teacher.I hope the dream will ccome true one day.

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