weekend 作文
· attheweekends250字  [小学作文] [五年级作文]
At the weekendsIt”sSunday evening. The Read families are at home. Mr. Read is watching TV. Mrs. Read is reading a book. Ann is sitting at the desk and reading, too. She”s doing her homework. Her brother, Tom, is sitting on the floor andmaking a kite. He is doing his homework, too. Mimi is playing with some 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Hwllo,everyone! My name is xiong yi jie.I am a Chinese boy.I am 14 years old.I am a tall boy and I have short black hair.I like to eat watermelons. I like blue,because the sky is blue.I also like English, so I can speak English well. I often watch English news and read English newspapers.I am good at my clas 查看全文
· 初一英语作文:the weekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
It was Sunday and I didn't have to go to school. I finished my homework the day before. So I decided to help mother do housework. I washed some clothes after I got up. Then I went shopping with a basket. I bought some meat, eggs and some vegetables in the market. After I came back, I started to cook din 查看全文
· myweekend200字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
I am so happy!Beacause I will have aperfact weekend!On Saturday morning ,I will finish my homework at first.Then I am going to the library.I want to borrow a HARRY PoTTER.I am going to the supermarket with my mother after lunch.In the afternoon,maybe I will do an experiment about water with my brother.We all 查看全文
· ontheweekend100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Hello!MynameisLiu Bingbing.I”mgoingtohavebusyweekend ! OnSaturday ,I”mgoingtodouhomeworkaihome .Then,I”mgoingtogoshopping. OnSunday, I”mgoingtothelibrarywithmysister .Then , we”regoingtoeatice-cream.Oh!Thisweekendisveryhappy !Whataboutyou?Whatareyou goingtoontheweekend?Canyoutellme? 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Do you want to know my last weekend? Well, on Sunday morning, I cleaned my room. On Sunday afternoon, I did my homework..It’s too difficult. On Sunday night, I watched TV. I was an interesting talk show.I think the weekend is kind of boring!Can you talk about your last weekend? 查看全文
· myweekend200字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
hello! I am a Chinese boy! I often do my homework at home on weekends. When I felt tired, I can watch TV for a moment , sometimes I also can play computer games . Feeling bored, I will findpartners to play together . On weekends , I often get up at 8 o”clock , have lunch at 11:00, have dinner at 5:00 pm , a 查看全文
· my weekend150字  [小学作文] [五年级作文]
I am Tina.I can play the pipa.I usually go for a walk with Sumo.I often clean my room on the weekend.I usually take a dancing class with Anchuxia.I usually get up at 7 a.m.I usually eat breakfast at 7:30 a.m.I often eat lunch at 12:30 noon.I usually play sports with Yimixinti.I usually eat dinner at7:30 p.m. 查看全文
· 四年级英语作文:mylastweekend100字  [小学作文] [四年级作文]
I had a busy weekend. On the Saturday, I walked to Lily’s home . I studied English with her. in the afternoon, I cooked noodles with my mother .On Sunday morning, I watched TV, it was fun. Then I went to a park by bike . I flew kites. It was a sunny day. In the evening, I washed my clothes and cleaned  查看全文
· myweekend100字  [小学作文] [四年级作文]
It was a good weekend !On Saturday .I read books and did homework in the morning. In the afternoon .My sister and me went to the supermarket .We bought presents .In the evening .I cleaned room ,washed the clothes and watched TV.On Sunday .I visited my grandparents whit my mom ,my dad and my sister .Then we w 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
My WeekendHello! My name is Lucy. Yesterday was Sunday. I woke up at six o’clock yesterday. Then I rode a bike to go to the park. I went to the McDonald’s to have lunch with my parents. I played basketball with my friends in my school from four o’clock to six o’clock. After supper, my father and I went f 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [小学作文] [四年级作文]
My weekend is very happy!On Saturday, I”m going to visit my anut . Let”s watch TV . On Saturday evening I”m going my home .because I”m going do my homework.On Sunday ,I”m going to go to the library with my sister. We going to read many books.I”m very happy on weekend! 查看全文
· weekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
Ihadagoodweekend . OnSaturday ,IdidmyhomeworkandwatchedTV . Atnight , Iplayedinabirthdayparty . Itwasmyfriendisbirthday . Wewerehappy . OnSunday , Icleanedtheroomandcooked .Itwasagoodday . 查看全文
· myweekend150字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Hi,I am going to have a busy weekend!On saturday morning,I am going to buy a comic book in the bookstore. Then,in the afternoon,I am going to the supermarket with my mother.We are going by bus.We are going to buy many things there.On Sunday,I am going to visit my grandparents with my parents.We are going hom 查看全文
· myweekendpian100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
This weekend.I will be busy.I am going to do my homework .on Saturday morning.I am gong to swim with my friends. In the afternoon, We are going to the swimming pool by bus.On Sunday morning, I am going to the bookshop at 9:00.I am going to buy an English book. I am going to there by bus. I think I will be ha 查看全文
· my last weekend150字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Today was Sunday. My friends and went out together. When we went to the park, it was raining really hard. We could not found anywhere to hide. We ran in the rain. But we were happy because we had each other’s comforted. The rain stopped soon. We went his home and played for a while there. He asked me to sta 查看全文
· my last weekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
Last weekend,I went to my grandparents' farm.There my grandfather taught me how to ride a horse.And my grandmother make a delicions meal for me.On Saturday night,I lay on the grass and looked at the stars.On Sunday afternoon,I went fishing with my grandfather.After that,I went to home,because I must go to th 查看全文
· myweekend400字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Hi, this is Lisa. I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to do my homework. Then, I’m going to buy a book about Harry Potter. It’s my favourite book. I have a lot of posters of Harry Potter. After lunch, I’m going to visit my grandparents and play with my cousins, Denis and and Alice.  查看全文
· mylastweekend100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
My last weekend is very busy.On Saturday morning,my mom went shopping with me.I am visited grandmother.Because today is grandma”s birthday.We cook the meals together.In the evening,mom went home with me.On Sunday morning,I”m did homework and played computer games.In the afternoon,I”mwent to a park.This is 查看全文
· mylastweekend150字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
I was happy last weekend. I did many things. It was a sunny day. I went to a parkwith my grandparents. In the afternoon ,I went swimming in the pool. Sunday morning, I went fishing by the lake . I got a big fish. it was fun!Sunday afternoon ,I played sports with my dog. I was excited.Wow!My last weekend was  查看全文
· myweekend100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
On Saturday morning.I”m going to the library with mymother.We”re going to read some books.Then,I”m going towalk in the park.In the afternoon.I”m going to go homeand watch TV with my brother.In the evening.I”m going to go shoppingwith my mother.On Sunday.I”m going to the bookstore on foot.I”m goingto b 查看全文
· myweekends100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Yesterday is Saturday.I went to visit my grandparents.They prepared lots of delicious food for me.I was very happy.Today I wasn”t at home.I read books in the library this morning.Then I played football with my friends this afternoon.We had a good time! 查看全文
· myweekendplan100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
On Saturday morning,I’m going to check my email and then I’m going to do my homework. In the afternoon ,I’m going to have a piano lesson and then I’m going to buy some clothes. In the evening,I’m going to the opera with my parents.On Sunday morning,I’m going to stay in bed.In the afternoon,I’m goin 查看全文
· weekends100字  [小学作文] [五年级作文]
Weekends I like weekends.I often have a good time on the weekends.At weekend.I get up at eight in the morning.At first I watch cartoons,and them I can play games.I often play computer games with my netfriends.Some times,I go to the library.Ilike reading very much.Books are my best friends. I like the weekend 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [小学作文] [四年级作文]
I”m doing my homework on Saturday morning. I”m watching TV on Saturday night Because It”s funny .I”m study for English test on Sounday morning .Because It”s stressed out. I think my weekends is funny. 查看全文
· 二年级英语作文:lastweekend100字  [小学作文] [二年级作文]
I had a happy weekend last week.On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents’ and my brother’s.On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents’ house. Grandpa played th 查看全文
· mike`s weekend100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Mike`s WeekendMike was so busy last weekend. He cleaned his room on sunday morning. Then he played computer games. In the afternoon,he went to a park with his parents. The flew kites in the park. In the evening,he visited his grandparents, and have dinn 查看全文
· acolorfulweekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
I had a colorfulweekend .Onsaturdaymorning ,I did my homework,but it was a littledifficult. Onsaturdayafternoon,I wenttothe library,I read abouthistoiy.Then in the saturday night Iwatched Tv,I saw an interesting talk show. Onsunday morning I playedsoccerwith my friends,It wasgieat. On sunday afternoon,Iwent  查看全文
· my weekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
My name is Mike,a student in Fuzhou NO.1 junior high shool.Last weekend I was very happy.On Saturday morning I went to library to borrow some book.On the afternoon,I went to my best friend jane's birthday party.In the party,we sang songs and play games.Jane made a wish.we all have a dood time.This is my wond 查看全文
· 五年级英语作文:mybusyweekend200字  [小学作文] [四年级作文]
I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I am going to climb mountains. After lunch , I am going to the supermarket with my parents. We want to buy some candies and milk. In the evening, I am going to watch TV with my father .That’s my happy time.On Sunday morning, I’m going to the 查看全文
· myweekend200字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
OnSaturdaymorning, I”mgoingtodomyhomework.Andthen,I”mgoingouttoplay.I”mgoingtothebookstoreandbuysomebooks.Intheevening,I”mgoingtohavedinnerwithmyparentsathome.OnSundaymorning, I”mgoingtothelibraryordomy homework. Andthen, I”mgoingtolistentomusic.Intheafternoon,I”mgoingtogoswimmingwithmybrother.Ilikesw 查看全文
· my weekend100字  [小学作文] [三年级作文]
I think my weekend is very good.In the morning,I must read English and Chinese.Then I have a big breakfast.Third,I must do my homework.At the noon,I have lunch.In the afternoon,I can play basketball or read books.In the evening,I should have dinner.After dinner,I usually watch TV.I seldom listen to music.Tod 查看全文
· myfather`sweekends100字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
Hello!I`m Chen Feihao.My father is a worker.He often gets up at 6.30 a.m.But today is Saturday,he gets up at nine o”clock.Half an hour later he has his breakfast,then he can enjoy the weekend.In the morning,he likes runing,shopping and goingfishing.After lunch,he often enjoys the sunshine.Sometimes he plays 查看全文
· myweekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
My weedendI was very busy last weekend .On Satunday morning.I did my homework ,it was a little difficult.In the afternoon ,I cleaned my room.Saturday,I watched TV.On Sunday morning.I visited my grandqarents.Then in the afternoon ,I went to the library,on Sunday nigth ,I stayed at home studied. 查看全文
· ihadagoodweekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
On Sunday.I was did some read.Reading is to exciting and made me pity with the writer.In the afternoon,I was watching TV.The animals world is very interesting.There are so many animals in it,such as monkeys,birds,snakes,foxes and so on,I think they are very cute.And I learned a lot of knowleage.One of them i 查看全文
· myclassmate’weekend100字  [初中作文] [初一作文]
Zhang Hui Yin is my classmate.Shi is a girl.She usually tells us about her weekend.she water the flowers.she enjoys her weekends very much. 查看全文
· mylastweekend100字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
Ivisited the zoo last summer vacation .There were lot of animals.In the afternoon.I went to beach. I swim in the water. In the evening. I went shopping at the mall. I was tired today. But Iwashappy. 查看全文
· my last weekend50字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
My last weekendHi ! My name is Zhou Jiahui . I am a student . Last weekend was happy . I went to Beijing with my mother . I visited the Great Wall . It was great . We took pictures and ate fresh food .Wow ! We had a good time there! 查看全文
· aniceweekend200字  [小学作文] [六年级作文]
I”mgoingtohaveaniceweekend.OnSaturdaymorning.I”mgoingtowashmyshoes.ThenI”mgoingtodomyhomework.Intheafternoon.I”mgoingtodohomework.ThenI”mgoingtowatchTV.Intheevening.I”mgoingtoreadbooks.OnSundaymorning.I”mgoingtohaveaclass.Intheafternoon.I”mgoingtowatchTVanddohousework.Intheevening.I”mgoingtodrawpict 查看全文
· myweekend50字  [初中作文] [初二作文]
I spent an interesting weekend. My uncles, aunts took their son and daughter back home. We took stories, watch TV and played cards and air balloons together. We had a great weekend. We were quite happy! And we will do more funny things. We will be happier! 查看全文