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  Read through some of the more than half of the "Walden Pond", to be honest look at a lot of paragraphs do not really understand, but say it is fun sections of animals that people read fresh.

  The first animal is the rooster attention, and that the most common birds, however the author”s pen in the air all of a sudden and very poor. Thoreau is the author described them this way: the rooster, pheasant was originally, and their chirping is the world”s most beautiful music, better than all the other animals, but most of the time to fill the gaps in their voice is their wife - the mother chickens are noisy, it”s no wonder that they ultimately can only be the poultry, not to mention what kind of a chicken egg. These words can not help people desperately want to remember the music Chenming rooster, the result was a loss, except in writing from the mechanical "oo" sound. As for the hen, they can only remember them after the end of each time it is under the "giggle" to stop the Called.

  Walden Pond, how can there are so many wild animal Every day it seems that the author and not the name they say hello. Are familiar with Ant, but where the ants are like the soldiers how to ah, make that an ant war was afraid to read the small bio of contempt. Lovely fledgling partridge destitute people, they only obey the instinct of mothers and their own Oh, the fullness of their long feathers of the body of small branches and leaves together to maintain the same posture, where to stay motionless, It picked up when a stranger or follow it, it continues to stay as motionless, or take your eyes clean. Scary, of course, most diving birds, and it always sent laugh, when it is from this lake first dive, the observer much hunting or after a lot of fun. what it is, you can go to the bottom of the lake to fish in the bird.

  After all the human animal is, ah, just high-level animals. The author predicted that the result of human progress must be to give up meat, as the savage to the civilized around after people give up bad habits, like eating. I do not know human beings are not one day give up meat, it is very curious about the rabbit call. In the book, the author said: rabbit to the end, the truth was a child cry. On rabbits, the most profound impression that the tree hit a hare, but there is no written record of our had been a poor hunt rabbits.


  Closing the white cover of the book ’Walden’, I just quite confused because so many new words that I can’t recognize. With the help of Chinese version downloaded from the internet, after I catch the general idea, a burst of cold water pours into my heart, pure and limpid, clarify my shattered mind without any dirt existing. As some said in preface “Walden is a book with loneness and solitude and a book with a single person.” When your mind is uneasy, you have no need reading the book. It requires you to come down and to be at leisure.

  The book was written in the middle of the 19th century-a period that is a rapid development of capitalism. Under such a background, most people would rather pursue benefits as possible as they can and try every means to obtain higher power and money no matter what it would cost. Industrial civilization and noisy society was gradually corrupting the nature of the humanity. However, at this situation, a illuminati graduating from Harvard University, carried an axe along with his lone single shadow. Then away from the city he ran into the uninhabited Walden at the edge of the mountain forest and settled down over here. He insisted on his own ways with a yearning for nature as well as set out the trace of the soul. At the land of the so-called Walden” drops of god”。 He became unperturbed in space,lonely in thought.

  He quietly uploaded the noise in the city.  Then he wrote down the solitude by heart. Every time when people read his book, they definitely will be shocked. He fell into meditating about the life. It made people’s heart become as clear as the pure water. I stand in awe of him, his life turned out to be such simple and meanwhile glamorous. It is rather than momentary but significant. His spiritual world is colorful even exquisite beyond compare. Maybe in the world seldom exist such a sage like him.

  Throughout Thoreau’s short lifetime, he attempted to encourage people to simplify the life and spare the time to go deep into the real life. At the same time, he let them enjoy it. He told people not to be confused with complicated life by his own experiences. In the direction of Thoreau, they would not lose a flash of hope or lose their way in life. They should be a rudder of the life thus start on a new journey. He thought that if people were able to set the simple life by universe regulation, it would not arouse many anxieties which disturbed the inner peace of the heart. The so-called tomorrow would not approach in spite of the ending of the time. We regarded a flash of light as darkness. As we were sober, the first light of morning was going to break.

  He calls on people live a simple life that is in order to make people experience something new instead of saving money. Maybe this is the value of a person. There’s not any pretence, only be surrounded with solitude and quietness.

  At the shore of Walden, the author exactly chased for depth, rather, it was pursuing the depth. In a lonely state of mind, he thought about the life and explored the real meaning. Solitude inspired his profound thought. “Do not give me love, money or reputation, please give me the truth.” This was what he was calling in his heart.

  Though we can’t live a life in woods around the mountain and Walden has disappeared forever, it’s impossible to hinder us have a Walden of our own. Our heart need being clarified as Thoreau has said that let your spirit set out to explore.


  Walden Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the author of Walden, was born in Concord, Massachusetts. When he was a child, he always went to the woods and field with his old brother. So he loves the nature very much. In the middle of 19th century, American economies developed so rapidly that most people pursuit the material life and ignore the spiritual life. But Thoreau wants to live a simple life. Also for the Transcendentalist Movement was centered in Concord and Emerson had a great influence on him. All these made Thoreau go to build a cabin on the shore of Walden Pond and live alone to close to the nature in 1845. Later, he wrote the famous book, Walden, which mainly talks about his life and thoughts during he lived alone in the woods near Walden Pond.

  When Walden was published in 1854, it was not well accepted by people. Instead it was regarded as "wicked and heathenish" .It was published only one time until Thoreau died of disease. But many years later especially in twentieth century, it was gradually known and appreciated by lots of readers all over the world.

  This is a book which tells in spring Thoreau starts building a cabin in the woods, thinking about life, reading some books, and listening to the sound of nature. In autumn, he cultivates beans, observes Walden Pond. In winter, the Walden Pond freeze, lots of animals accompanies with him. As spring”s coming, the Walden and other ponds melt. Every thing in nature is awake and reborn including Thoreau. After two years, Thoreau leaves.

  Thoreau go to the woods to building a cabin which only costs $28.12, eating simple food and needing little furniture. So one of chapters in his book, “Higher Law", emphasizes more on the spiritual aspect instead of the satisfaction of material. Further more; he urges people to read more classic literature such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and other great writers’ masterpiece.

  He also writes that though he lives alone in the woods, he is close to nature and makes himself as a part of nature. He lives alone, but sometimes he also talks with his visitors who are honest, sincere, thinkable and loving their life.

  Thoreau also mentions that the noise in the town and the whistle of train disturb the quite life of the town. However, in the woods life is quite. When he lives in the woods, he can listen to animals” sounds such as bird”s singing, owl’s hooting, cockerel’s crowing etc. He lives with animals friendly. He also describes the Walden Pond. The water, blue and green, clear and pure, freezes in winter and melts in spring.

  When I was reading Walden, I felt that I was listening to a wise man’s talking. The words and phrases about the nature especially the Walden Pond are beautiful and fascinating. The sentences are full of wisdom and philosophy.

  Reading this book reminds me of those people who work hard to earn money, waste lots of money to buy luxury and expensive things, waste time to entertain themselves. In my point of view, they may easily lose themselves, and though their bodies are full, their minds are hungry. The real life is to make every complicate thing to be simple and enrich our heart and soul. In a word, just simplicity 、simplicity and simplicity!

  One of Thoreau”s thoughts about solitude attracts me deeply for I’m the person who likes to be alone. There are some reasons for why I like to be alone: Firstly I think that living with others is easy going to have a conflict whatever you are best friends. Secondly just as Thoreau saying ‘a man thinking or working always alone and let him be where he will’。 I always spent most of time to study, and I like to make myself busy all the time, so I have little time to stay with others. In addition to, what I”m thinking and interested in is quite different from others. I like studying at library and reading books but don”t like pursuit fashionable and new trend things for it makes me feel tired and bored. So I always live alone and people who around me think I must be lonely. Actually it”s not true. They don”t understand me at all. When I”m studying, learning or reading, I don”t think other things, just immersing in the ocean of knowledge .My heart is quite calm. And if learn new knowledge I got a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. So I was so surprised that what Thoreau said was exactly same to what I thought. I was so glad to find a person who has the same idea with me.

  When Thoreau lived alone in the woods, people did not understand him, even Emerson thought what he did was wrong. And now, people who around me think my life is not good. But I think Thoreau’s life was successful, meaningful and happy, so do I. Because I think that the success and happiness of life all come from exactly value. Everyone deeply desires of themselves life. When you know what the value of yourself is, meanwhile you can enjoy your life according to the value every time. You will find that everyday you have full of energy and enthusiasm to do anything, hear the sure sound from your heart, and often feel intense achievement, the most important is that your heart is peace and calm.

  Last but not least, I envy Thoreau so much for he lives in such a beautiful and comfortable nature environment. He can breathe the fresh air, live with wild animal friendly; appreciate the scenery of Walden Pond etc. While in modern society, people pursuit their own interests to hunt and kill animals, cut down trees and pollute the rivers and so on. As a result, the number of wildlife is decreasing, the area of lake is shrinking, and the water is not pure any more. The environment problems such as globe warming, climate change and air and water pollution have been becoming increasingly serious. Reading this book makes me be aware of protecting the environment to realize the harmony between human and nature.

  Although I may not understand Thoreau”s thoughts completely, I’m really benefited from reading the book, Walden.

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